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We build luxury pools for you and

your family to enjoy life in.

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An Exceptional Swimming Pool Company

Fortress is a luxury swimming pool company in Dallas that focuses on building exceptional living environments that instill lifelong value into families and their homes.


Our custom pools, outdoor living environments, and pool renovations are extraordinary masterpieces crafted to enrich the quality of life for our clients. For over thirty years we've been taking the dreams and aspirations of our clients and transforming them into breathtaking beauty that translates to years of joy and relaxation.


During this time, we have worked with distinguished clients in the most prestigious neighborhoods in Dallas. We realize that you desire only the finest craftsmanship, and that is precisely why our clients choose Fortress, because this is the level of excellence we deliver.


Fortress will breathe life into your backyard dreams and bring out the fullest potential of your outdoor spaces, truly making them into living environments. Over the years we have built our reputation from being more than just a fine swimming pool builder, we have established ourselves as an inspirational means for families to live a more exceptional life. This is our Mission.

Our Mission is Our Passion

Our mission is to enrich the lives of families by building luxurious pools that cultivate more exceptional living.

Our love for our clients impels us to develop the most innovative techniques to build the world’s most beautiful and longest lasting pools. We do this with the finest craftsmanship and all from the strongest structure possible. Our commitment to fulfilling this mission descends directly from our company's vision. 

Our Vision Guides Our Direction

The Vision we see every day is our map for transforming the quality of peoples homes and lives.


Some people just see a pool in a backyard, but we see pools and landscapes as a means for transforming the quality of the world in which we live. By providing an unrivaled construction process, our vision is to maintain the world's most exceptional pool company for building the finest, strongest, and most valuable pools with the intent of leading families into a more exceptional way of living. Through every aspect of who we are and the value that we bring into the lives of our clients, one project at a time we are fulfilling this vision.

Our Purpose Develops Our Passion

The Purpose we hold in our hearts is the glory that inspires our passion.


We don’t just want to share our extraordinary craftsmanship for pools and our desire to enrich lives, but we also want to express the glory behind what we do and the purpose of the passion we have for our clients. Our company's passion comes from several other interests but we are not ashamed to reveal Jesus Christ as the true source of our inspiration. He is the Purpose of our Passion.

Our Values Drive Our Culture

We drive our business through the values and virtues that we live by as a people.


The spirit of our culture is unique to itself. We are driven by value. We value the extraordinary things we do for our clients, and together as one, we're all moved by a set of values that keep us fixed on our vision, set on our purpose, and leads us to fulfill our mission.


Our core values make up the essence of who we are and define how we work. They are the fundamental principles that express the way we interact with one another, our partners, and our clients.  Our family team of unity, love, and discipline drives us to create the highest amounts of value for everyone in our sphere.


All of these values currently exist in, set our direction, and drive our company’s unique culture. Our 10 core values are:

Build Everything from a Solid Foundation                


Design & Develop Glorious Work

Passionately Complete Work As Scheduled

Joy in the Work we Create


Embrace Positive Change and Stir Up Discipline

Create a Family Team that Works through Love

Establish, Grow, & Extend Trust

Be Humble with Honor


Embrace & Drive Constant Improvement


Build Great Relationships Through Good Communication

custom pool builder

Register for your complimentary consultation.

We will serve you with everything you need to know about building your custom pool.  

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