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Our beauty is never created at the expense

of structural integrity.

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An Unrivaled Pool Building Process

Fortress is the creator of the "Structural Fortified Response" which is a strategic pool building method that produces the ultimate strength in structure while leaving your pool with an unyielding response that lasts a lifetime. 


Because of this method we've become one of the most sought-after pool builders and designers in the Dallas area. A beautifully designed pool is only as good as it's structural foundation. You can have the most beautifully designed pool in the world but it will turn out as a leaking disaster if it's foundation isn't rock solid. 


Due to the shifting nature of Dallas soil, Fortress has put meticulous thought into our construction process and have taken extra measures to ensure we build the strongest pools. Our exclusive process has established us as a pool builder that has never had a single structural failure. Our method gives you a lasting return on your investment. It’s efficient, safe, and resilient. Simply put, it stands up to anything.

Step 1: The Layout

This first phase of our construction process is the layout. Here, we take the dimensions of your pool design and lay them out onto the area where your pool will go. This gives us a chance to see the outlines of the actual size and shape of your pool, which also gives you an opportunity to make any changes to the size and location of the pool before we start with the excavation.

Step 2: The Excavation

Once we complete the layout phase then we begin the process of excavating, which is, digging up the grass and underlying soil in order to prepare your yard for pool construction. In this phase we take extra measures to stabilize your pool by installing helical piers. These piers connect to your pool shell and screw deep down into the soil while holding your pool firmly in place.

Step 3: The Forming & Steel

Just as wood and steel are used to form a solid foundation for a home, in like manner we use the same to form the shape and structure of your pool. This foundation serves as the framework that gives our pools such high structural integrity. One of the unique things we do is upgrade the size and quantity of our steel, which brings structure tighter together while making it stronger. This structural reinforcement is a huge part of where Fortress derives its name.

Step 4: The Electrical & Plumbing

Before the shotcrete process, we install all the plumbing and electrical components. We ensure that all plumbing is pressure tested and the electrical meets all necessary city and state codes. What is great about our plumbing is that we use dedicated plumbing lines vs splitting lines, meaning all our lines have their own dedicated purpose oppose to using single lines for multiple purposes. Our dedicated plumbing lines give our pools the best flow while using less connections and fittings, eliminating multiple chances for water leakage.

Step 5: The Shotcrete

This stage is perhaps one of the most unique aspects of our exclusive process that separates us from other pool builders. As opposed to normal pool builders who use gunite, we use a secret formula of shotcrete, which is a much stronger aggregate of concrete than gunite. Although gunite is a great material that will last a while, it simply is not the strongest and is more prone to imperfections in the shell. For this cause, we've taken it a step further to ensure the strength of our pools. While standard pool builders shoot a 4-inch thick bottom and a 6-inch thick sidewall, we shoot at minimum a 6-inch bottom and an 8 to 10-inch thick side wall. This step is one of the most important elements that make our pools so solid and unmovable. 

Step 6: The Tile & Coping

After we craft the form and shape of your pool, we then dress it with beautiful tile and coping. We have an exclusive selection of luxurious natural stone, slates, ceramics, and mosaics. Your pools tile can be crafted from nearly any assortment of materials you can dream of. Every detail is of course exquisitely crafted.

Step 7: The Masonry & Stone

Our masons take a tremendous amount of care in their craftsmanship and take great measures to ensure that their work is flawlessly built to last. This phase is also where we create some of the most unique custom-made privacy walls and outdoor structures that compliment the environment around them. 

Step 8: The Decking

This step is where we create the hardscape perimeter surrounding your pool. There are a variety of surfaces that are implemented here based on your design, from the standard pagestone material to custom stone or stamped concrete. At this stage, we also create any features included in your design such as fireplaces, firepits, fountains, outdoor kitchens and more.

Step 9: The Plaster

Applying the plaster is a complex yet easy process. It is blown onto the finished shotcrete and requires a highly specialized crew to smooth the surface to a beautiful finish. The pool is then filled with water for you to enjoy the exceptional lifestyle you have work so hard to achieve.

pool building process

Register for your complimentary consultation.

We will serve you with everything you need to know about building your custom pool.  

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